Why Go With Gorilla?

At Gorilla Nation, we make it easy for web publishers to maximize online advertising revenues. Because we exclusively represent the ad inventory of more highly trafficked, quality web properties than any other representation firm, we're able to leverage our longstanding industry relationships to bring you targeted site-specific ad campaigns, relevant to you, your users and your brand.


Maximize Your Ad Revenue

 GN helps sites effectively monetize their inventory with campaigns which are contextually relevant and therefore deliver the results advertisers seek. This results in developing the highest possible CPMs for properties in the mid-tail of internet inventory. In addition, we focus not only on monetizing your inventory through premium brand sales for IAB ad placements, but also bring beyond the banner integrations to all Publishers providing them with the tools they need to maximize their inventory and evangelize their brand. We pride ourselves on selling all media site specifically, never blind, to ensure that you are being adequately and properly represented in the marketplace.



Our Focus
International Sales Force: Our specialty is online ad sales - we understand every facet of the media landscape and bring extensive knowledge and sales experience to the table. With offices in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Toronto, Sydney, Melbourne and London, we now boast tremendous global reach and are able to cultivate strong relationships with Fortune 500 brands around the world.


Dedicated Sales Divisions: In an effort to provide our Publishers greater transparency and sales sell thru, we have formed several dedicated sales divisions to augment the efforts of our growing international sales force. We have dedicated sales divisions including, Youthology, totallyher, LiveOutdoors, Globetrotting Digital Media and more!


Strong Customer Service: With a full account management team we are able to provide quality day-to-day customer service with all of our web publishers. As an invested partner, we are passionate about understanding the key selling points and attributes of your site.


Full Service Solutions: Gorilla Nation believes in providing you quality solutions, from ad sales to ad trafficking and marketing support. As such, we. provide ad serving from the leading ad server, DART for Publishers (DFP). Additionally, we manage all your ad campaigns for you so that you can focus on what you do best - building content and driving traffic. GN also has a Website Support Team on hand to address any questions or concerns you might have.


Web 2.0 Technologies: Gorilla Nation is continually looking to the future of the Web, by forming strategic partnerships and developing premium ad solutions that will enable you to maximize your visibility and engagement with your audience. This includes the recently developed, video ad platform Springboard™, Gorilla Nation’s own proprietary solution and myriad of other integrated solutions.


Sales Strategy and Marketing: We work with all partners to develop a suite of sponsorship packages and offerings for advertisers that will keep your ad opportunities competitive and encourage aggressive client spending. Our team will then work with you to access and evaluate the competitive landscape and create premium solutions to further promote your brand in the marketplace. See our Creative Showcase for examples of our work.


Formed Large Branded Partnerships: We are the 1,000 lb Gorilla and we have the partnerships to prove it.  We are now seasoned in offering solutions for large independent web properties who also have a strong cross-media brand presence.


Going with the Gorilla

What's our secret? It's no secret. We're the big Gorilla. We've developed strong relationships directly with both brand marketers and their ad agencies in all the right cities. Because we deal in large volume, your site can participate in campaigns for which you might not normally be considered. We position your site within the specific vertical markets advertisers want so that you can be considered an integral part of any media buy.


Gorilla Nation carefully and strategically evaluates all new and prospective Publishers. As a site specific representation firm, we review all new sites based on several criterion that allow us to consider a potential partnership. At a minimum we require that all Publisher Partners have at least 1 million page views per month, as well as at least 1-2 standard IAB ad placements. Please note that there are also several other criterion which we use to evaluate publishers such as type of content, demographics, ad opportunities and more.


Please submit your site information below and should we be interested in advancing our discussions, a member of our Business Development team will be in touch. Thank you for your interest!