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Gorilla Nation Introduces Midtail Toolbox™ – Suite of Creative Tactics for Online Brand Marketers Goes Way Beyond the Banner

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Gorilla Nation Introduces Midtail Toolbox™ – Suite of Creative Tactics for Online Brand Marketers Goes Way Beyond the Banner
LOS ANGELES, CA – April 23, 2007 – Gorilla Nation (, the world’s largest online ad rep firm, announced today that it has launched its new Midtail Toolbox, a suite of online creative tactics specifically designed to leverage the unique features of midsize websites.
The product was introduced at Ad:Tech San Francisco last week during the panel topic, “Beyond the Banner/Beyond the Network: The Midtail and the Promise of Engagement.”
As more and more internet users are moving away from the portals and top 50 properties toward niche sites in the midtail -- those next 1000 midsize websites between 15 mil. and 1 mil. unique visitors/mo. – advertisers are following their audiences. User behaviors on niche sites provide powerful opportunities connect with targets through their passions, and these sites attract large concentrations of influential trendsetters who engage, interact, and share.
Over the past several years, Gorilla Nation has evolved the Midtail Toolbox into an easy-to- implement set of about a dozen creative integration tactics go beyond the banner to integrate marketing messages as a non-interruptive parts of the user experience. These include:

1) Integrated Redesigns: Full or partial page reskins, title bar takeovers and sponsorships
that not only attract attention but also enhance the user experience with creative appropriate to the site.
2) Social Networking Enablers: Widgets, games, and user uploading tools (for blogging, video content and images) that provide users tools to extend the experience to their friends.
3) Branded Interactives: Contests, promotions, polls, quizzes, and microsite destinations
that leverage the content and context of the macrosite where they are promoted.
4) Product Placement: Editorial coverage, advertorials, “videtorials,” and viral branded
5) Springboard™ Video Platform (launching in May, 2008): A new product that creates a
network among midtail sites allowing for easy brand association with video content and coordinated buys with other site integrations and ad units.
“They say, ‘When your only tool is a hammer, you see every problem as a nail,” stated Matt Stodder, VP/Ad Strategy for Gorilla Nation. “And when your only tool is a banner, you respond to every marketing challenge with an IAB unit. Our Midtail Toolbox is the result of years of GN’s experimentation with various forms of creative integration for hundreds of leading online brand marketers. Also, our web publisher partners have been key to our successful refining of such tactics to the point where we now can modify existing programs more rapidly and cost effectively than ever before. This should encourage a more hands-on approach for our advertising clients to customize creative tactics based on objectives.”
The Midtail Toolbox thus represents a timely selection of creative solutions that cut through increasing levels of clutter, which some experts contend is contributing to “banner blindness.” And advertisers who spend enormous budgets on general destinations are not only getting lost in competitive noise, but also missing key user groups on smaller sites. The fact that midtail properties are more cost-efficient while providing these dynamic creative opportunities is a huge bonus, and these higher levels of engagement often pay off with extended word-of-mouth and buzz via opinion leaders on social networks.

About Gorilla Nation Media, LLC Gorilla Nation ( is the world’s largest online ad sales rep firm. The company exclusively represents the online ad inventory of over 500 leading midtail™ web publishers, and sells integrated media and promotional programs to Fortune 500 brand advertisers. Working closely with its web publisher partners, GN’s expertise within 35 select vertical markets provides advertising clients the ability to build high impact, rich media programs across one or more properties to provide superior audience reach. The company is committed to delivering integrated creative media programs, from concept through execution, and exceptional customer service. Founded in 2001, the company is headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Toronto.
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