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Oscars® Schmoscars: Allows Regular Moviegoers to Vote for Their

Oscars® Schmoscars: Allows Regular Moviegoers to Vote for Their
Favorites at
Montreal, Canada - February 12, 2007 - The 6th Annual Movie Awards (aka
The Golden Schmoes) nominations have been announced and online voting will take place from February 12-18, 2007. Winners will be published on February 19th and anyone with access to the Internet can vote now and for free, on the official website at
Unlike most prestigious movie award nominations, nominees are picked
entirely by movie fans. With over 115,000+ nomination votes counted, The Golden
Schmoes committee whittled it down to the top 5 in each category. This year's top
nominated films are The Departed (12 nominations), Children of Men (10), The Fountain
(9), Little Miss Sunshine (9), V for Vendetta (8), Casino Royale (7) and The Prestige (7).
Site founder and CEO, Berge Garabedian, aka JoBlo, said, "Unlike the rest of the year’s
award presentations, this one comes from actual movie fans and not film critics. With
Hollywood going for the ‘easy buck’ over the past few years, it’s even more important for
us real movie fans to speak out now. Fans want their voices heard!"
The Golden Schmoes include 29 categories, including the more typical ones like
"Favorite Movie" and "Best Actress," but also unique categories like "Best T&A in a
Movie," "Best Line of the Year," "Most Memorable Scene of the Year", "Coolest
Character in a Movie," "Most Underrated Movie of the Year" and many others.
"I always thought it was funny that movie-going audiences had absolutely no say in the
year-end awards, even though they're ultimately the ones buying the movie tickets,
paying the actors' salaries and keeping the movie industry thriving year in and year out,"
Garabedian said. "Movie fans should continue to voice their opinions and challenge the
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