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Evolve Media Corp. Launches in Canada with Vertically Focused Media Services Business

TORONTO — JANUARY 25, 2012— Evolve Media Corp., an integrated digital media company, announced today its launch in Canada. Evolve is comprised of three vertically focused media services divisions including Gorilla Nation (entertainment, news and business, auto, gaming and video), totallyher (women’s lifestyle), and CraveOnline (male lifestyle). Evolve’s business structure is designed to organize audiences, research, specialized ad products and sales efforts in order to produce and monetize premium digital content while offering programs to online marketers that deliver content, context and creative with scale. 
Reaching over 10 Million unique Canadian visitors a month, Gorilla Nation is comprised of leading sites focusing on entertainment, film, news and business, gaming, auto and video. Armed with over a decade of experience and an award-winning creative studio, Gorilla Nation is a recognized expert in entertainment and lifestyle digital marketing. Gorilla Nation, is comprised leading content sites including, Gizmodo, The Guardian, Reuters, GameRevolution, MetaCafe, and to name a few.  SpringBoard Video, Gorilla Nation’s Video division, offers both a full-service video publishing technology solution to publishers and a scalable premium advertising solution for advertisers.
Totallyher, a women’s focused media services business unit, verticalizes content and context in order to better understand the women’s audience and the marketer base. The compilation of publishers included within totallyher’s portfolio consists of premium content sites with highly engaged communities reaching over seven million Canadian women each month. With publishers such as SheKnows, Us Weekly, Momtastic,, Gawker and theFashionSpot, totallyher provides women with guidance, as well as escapism, and gives marketers a platform to interact with the most sought after demographic.
Evolve’s male lifestyle vertical, CraveOnline, is the premier source for reaching young Canadian  men ages 18-34 with an array of premium sites focusing on video, movies, TV, music, sports, games, outdoor activities, humor and more. Through a portfolio of owned and exclusively represented publishing destinations, such as,,,, and, CraveOnline reaches more than 4 million unique Canadian users a month. For advertisers, CraveOnline produces custom, integrated media programs that leverage rich media, video, mobile and social in ways that allow the marketing message to be an uninterrupted part of the user experience.
“Evolve Media Corp. believes that in today’s crowded market place, brands achieve more by working with experts,” says Walder Amaya, SVP of Canadian and International Operations for Evolve Media Corp. “When we were presented with the opportunity to work with these rapidly growing and fantastic communities we knew that in order to be experts across a varied set of  audiences and demographics, we would need to not only build dedicated sales teams for each vertical, but entirely specialized divisions which we have accomplished through totallyher, CraveOnline and Gorilla Nation.  Through this, we are able to offer relevant content, context and creative with scale to Canadian advertisers.”
About Evolve Media:
Evolve Media Corp ( is an integrated digital media company. Evolve brings together four synergistic companies to create one compelling offering: Gorilla Nation, the world’s largest brand ad sales company that specializes in targeting affinity audiences; AtomicOnline, publisher of large digital media properties, such as SheKnows (now #3 on Comscore for Women), CraveOnline, TheFashionSpot, GameRevolution, Momtastic; Springboard Video, a one-stop branded video solution, and Double Helix, a creative and interactive marketing team comprised of over 40+ web designers and developers.Evolve offers brand marketers digital brand campaigns that can achieve both significant reach among key audiences and contextual environments that together have been proven to increase key brand effectiveness. To drive the best results we offer best-in-class integration and creative solutions tailored to specific brand objectives. Evolve’s primary mission is to provide marketers with unique, integrated creative programs across branded consumer content sites, allowing a brand to get engaged with a passionate, influencer audience in a way that converts them into a brand evangelist. Moreover, Evolve can leverage these capabilities against a platform of over 600+ sites, reaching 300 million people globally each month. 
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