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In effort to build a global presence for the title, EA Sports’ MMA sought to create a fighter exchange program. The plan was to select fighters from MMA’s largest geographic markets and pair them with local bloggers documenting the journey, every step of the way. Utilizing Twitter, Facebook, video posts and more, our fighter’s journey would be document, capturing what it’s like to train in unknown styles of fight, and explore different parts of the world.  At the conclusion of the exchanges, the fighters will come together for an exhibition match, broadcasted live.



  • M12-34 who own an XBOX360 or PS3
  • Hardcore gamer interested in the head-to-head gaming experiences
  • Fans of MMA and the UFC, who may have participated in martial arts or kickboxing

CraveOnline created an interactive social media site, connecting Strikeforces fighters with their devoted fans, while promoting EA Sports MMA title; taking MMA beyond the cage, by producing an online/offline experience. 

In effert to expand on the presendted idea, Crave paired the four fighters with four unknown fighters, allowing the unknowns to shadow the professional, learning new fight styles and share in the journey. Along the way, their experiences were documented through live twitter feeds, video clips, image galleries and blogs.   All content was aggregate into an interactive hub centralized on CraveOnline’s Sherdog.com. This online/offline program was promoted throughout CraveOnline’s family of sites, via video clips, site takeovers, and cobrands.  To conclude the campaign, CraveOnline utilized its UFC connections, to organize a Strikeforce fight, featuring our armature fighters.  The Strikeforce event was streamed live through the campaigns hub.


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