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SheKnows is a Best Friend
Getting to the heart of what it really means to be a woman; SheKnows attracts more than 50 million unique visitors with fresh, relatable, endearing content that helps them through their daily life. Our editors are dedicated to providing daily content for women seeking advice, information and fun take on life, and the site is the authoritative source for women ages 18 to 54.
Women connect with the content on SheKnows because it delivers the perfect balance of friendly, upfront information, expert input and real-life applications. It's like sitting down with one of your best friends and chatting away over coffee about anything and everything. You'll walk away feeling refreshed, challenged and looking forward to your next visit. Likewise, our readers come to SheKnows to get the facts about parenting, health, beauty, style, love, living, home and bettering the world around them.
SheKnows is a Community
Our editorial content aspires to make life easier for the modern single woman, the busy mom and the multitasking maven. Most importantly, it's real. We value and incorporate our reader's feedback through community-style journalism, and conduct research among our members to get to the heart of what they really care about. Their feedback inspires the topics our editors select to feature each week.
Our readers find a fun, honest and engaging community of girlfriends here at SheKnows. Our editors know that readers want to feel smart, stylish, sexy and savvy – and SheKnows is all about getting them there.
In short, the content on SheKnows is to-the-point, backed by expert research and interviews, and reflects what real women are thinking and doing in everyday life. While it's great to hear from the experts in the fields, the readers at SheKnows appreciate that they get to hear from the real experts: moms and women just like them.

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