Why TotallyHer?

TotallyHer is more than a company representing sites targeting women and their families.
We strive to provide marketing services, with strong relationships, competitive technology all focused on the female and youth audience segment. We understand the unique needs, and behaviors of women and youth online and why and where they turn to the web to get informed, socialize and have fun. We feel that we are optimally positioned to bring our publishing partners the relevant creative programs, allowing them to connection with women, moms, fashionistas, teens and kids in a much more integrated and powerful way. Our growth and emphasis on the above, will allow us to create more engaging and impactful programs for our publishers.

Who is TotallyHer?
TotallyHer is home to many marquee female and youth audience brands, from Momtastic, The Fashion Spot and Teenspot to Cooks, Squidoo and others abroad. Our objective is to provide our publishers with quality service, compelling integration and 360 degree programs.

How do I become a publisher?
Please review our website requirements and submit a Publisher Information Request form and a member of our Business Development Team will contact you if we are interested in exploring a partnership. Thank you for your interest!

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